Celebrate: Reading Revelations

10 Sep

I’m not surprise, it’s a fact kids in todays world know a lot but a huge percentage only want to do what they are interested in bottom line.

To Read To Write To Be

Yesterday I walked out of my classroom, not exhausted.  After week four, I’ve got my sea legs.

This year marks my thirteenth teaching fifth graders.  As a kid, it was my favorite grade. I guess it still is.  There are moments, though. Times when I think I should be doing something else. Times when I think, what was thinking. Times when the magnitude and impossibility of the task seem overwhelming. Times when I think only fools would dare. But then I have moments that make my heart so full I can’t imagine doing anything else.

Reading with students is one of those times. To be able to see what they do. How their brains attack a text. How they make sense of it. To be able to see what they do well and the magic of it is a celebration.

Yesterday I sat with Z. He struggled through a passage that…

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Gays in America

26 May

Is it just me or others as well that think that it’s too much media coverage on gays in America being addressed versus other topics that are much more important. Such as loss of jobs, foreclosures, lowering taxes and health insurance.

Do you think approving gay marriage will destroy our generations coming forward. I fail to understand why this is such a hot topic. What do you foresee.

Talent Going to Waste

26 Apr

What is your take on so many people in the world that has some kind of talent, whether it’s singing, dancing, or creative ideas that will never be discovered. Should the gifted just throw in the towel or keep on following their dreams.

Hello world!

24 Nov

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